4 Descriptive Features of North West And Sash Windows

Home And Housing

As the time passes by, various parts of the home will start having problems. As a machine needs oiling and maintenance, so do the various parts of the home. The most vulnerable area in a house is the window area. This prompts the need to do some repairing work near the window area to again make the room look beautiful. The various problems which can come up are built-up moisture and increased noise and sound pollution. A sash window is a very common part of the house whose owner has a refined aesthetic sense about the interior decoration of the room. A sash window repair is essential as it is capable of reducing moisture and wear and tear to the windows. Any outsider will be bound to appreciate the look of the house.

Various Problems in Detailsand their Solutions

Owners who notice some problems in their windows often feel that the entire window needs replacement. This procedure is expensive. But Sash Windows North West has come up with alternative options which no longer require the full windows to be replaced. Double glazing or draught proofing can be used for the sash windows at a cost which covers a small fraction of the cost to replace the entire thing. The new things available in the market have their advantages as well as they are more energy efficient and have the latest brush system. Noise and pollution can also be controlled like this. There is another advantage of repairing the sash windows. The new look is again restored and it reduces loss of energy thus saving costs.

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Works Done By North West

The concern is capable of handling a variety of projects which are both commercial and residential in nature. Buildings which are of great importance also list in the names of the customers served by them. From specifications, tender submission, management of project to installation of windows all is done very efficiently. Important buildings like Hazelwood Hall, Holme Park Manor, Longley School Huddersfield, Ridgemont House, Tarvin Hall Marriot Hotel, Thistle Manor etc. have work done by this specialist. In case of residential projects the services are numerous like putting new double glazed timber windows, timber window renovation, new double glazed sashes, draught proofing and repairing, placing new single glazed sashes, new timber double glazed sashes, re-glazing four sash windows, secondary glazing and timber repairing etc.

Company’s Offerings

The company has a plethora of services which helps them doing repeat business. Some of them are:

  • A free survey of the windows from a qualified surveyor
  • A comprehensive service to renovate and improve the original sash windows and doors
  • Replacing and repairing rotten timbers
  • Installation of draught proofing system
  • Servicing and lubricating pulleys
  • Weighing and rebalancing sashes
  • Offering a huge collection of sash window hardware
  • Commendable skills of the workmans
  • Teams which are trustworthy and experienced

No Disturbance Process!

The entire process of replacing or renovating by the company is a disturbance free process. Even if there is any disruption, it will not be of much problem to the clients. The management ensures full cooperation in this regard. The installation schedule is discussed beforehand with the customers and they are well informed about which room will be need which day. The workers limit themselves to the minimum space. Dust sheets are placed all around the window and immediately after the process is over the area is cleaned and the carpets are vacuumed.  The process is also entirely secure and no part is left unattended when the work is going on. The process is completed as soon as possible.

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