Carpet Cleaning Tips Using Heat, Agitation & Time

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Carpet cleaning tips are essential in obtaining the desired result of cleaning.  The bottom line is always the outcome and that’s all that matters.

carpet cleaningYou may apply all types of carpet cleaning tips you know but guess what?  Most likely, you still can’t have your carpet cleaned the way skilled professional cleaners do.  After all, who wants to see imperfection?  When it comes to investments, carpet is one of the most expensive products you may want to invest into. Therefore, you want cleaning to be done properly. The following tips will guide you in obtaining your soiled carpet cleaned enough.

The use of heat is very helpful.  More than 118oF, with each 18 degrees higher, will cause to have chemical changes re-activity by 100%. The method of hot water extraction is acquired between 150 to 200 degrees.  Do you think this one is very technical in nature?  The thing is the heat from steam cleaning or hot water extraction is excellent for carpet dry cleaning.

There are 3 elements that are inter-related with each other when it comes to carpet cleaning: heat, agitation, and stay time.  At some point, if you’re not able to use one at the most, you may make up for this when you use the other two.  So if cleaning solution is not heating enough, allow it to stay longer on your carpet.  Afterwards, you can scrub harder the carpet.

Useful Carpet Cleaning Tips

Almost all detergents attract dirt. Because of this truth, it is vital to completely rinse the cleaning solution used on the carpet.  It’s another fact why the use of hot water extraction makes carpets better compared to “dry cleaning.” The bottom line for this is the necessity to completely rinse the carpet.

One effective way to removing stubborn carpet stain is through a shop-vac.  You can’t simply suck out that stain from the carpet.  But with repetitions, you can rinse and wash the stained part, sucking out the solution repetitively.  This simple approach seems much better than blotting out water using cloth.  The reason is because you have no long patience to do repetitive washing, rinsing, and extracting with cloths or towels.

One more tip for cleaning is to put rugs inside and outside the main door of your house.  These two rugs will catch much of the dirt carried by the family members or guests on their shoes and slippers.  This one is not only about reducing the amount of vacuuming.  Soil is likened to millions of tiny blades that cut the surface fibres of the carpet.  When carpet becomes damaged, it gets more dirt easily and it becomes too difficult to treat stubborn dirt and stains.  Better than putting rugs inside and outside the door is removing your shoes when entering the house.

Are you ready to clean your carpet now?  Do the vacuuming first. After that, if you have a cleaning machine, get clean water and heat it as much as you can.  Dry immediately your carpet with strong fans.  You can at least save more for not hiring a professional cleaner by trying to do the above carpet cleaning tips.

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