Unique Tile Flooring Pattern Ideas

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You visited your local Flooring America and fell in love with the timeless beauty of tile flooring. After you’ve selected the perfect tiles for your new home project, it’s time to think about how you would like it laid out. Did you know that with tile flooring you can create unique patterns that are sure to become the focal point of your room?  Here are few helpful pattern suggestions for you to consider when laying down tile flooring, or having a professional installer lay it down:

  • Unique Tile FlooringThe Straight Lay: The simplest and most classic tile pattern. This is the process of just laying down tile flooring in a straight and normal manner.
  • Checkerboard: One of the biggest appeals of tile flooring, is the possibility of creating unique patterns. The checkerboard pattern is a classic, and looks timeless in any room.
  • The Rubbing bond: Also known as a brick or offset pattern. The tile flooring is to be laid offset by half the width of the tile.
  • Basketweave: Created with squares and rectangles, the tile flooring is laid in a way where it mimics the look of a basket.
  • Pinwheel: A small square tile is surrounded by four larger tiles, creating an elegant and sophisticated pattern.

Whether deciding to tackle a tile flooring project on your own, or allowing professionals like Flooring America to install your new tile flooring, one thing is for certain: Tile Flooring opens the door to endless possibilities.

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