Tips for Increasing Backyard Shade


Shade in the hot summer months is a blessing. If you live in the humid states and it is constantly sticky and wet outside, you know that shade makes it just a little bit more bearable. There are ways to take your backyard space and make it more heat-friendly. Otherwise you could have a large space that’s perfect for guests and parties, but becomes easily hot and cloaked in sunlight. Here are some tips for creating more shade in your backyard.


Most people have seen the “As Seen on TV” commercials and wondered if those do actually work. One of the frequently run commercials is for the patio shade. The brand advertised is a SunSetter Awning and it may be advertised poorly, but is a truly well working product. The awning can be adjusted and can end up covering the entire length of your patio, perhaps into your lawn. They come in many options and colors and are decently priced as well. This can replace patio furniture umbrellas, which tend to cover small surface area anyway. There are also more options for shades, like the ones used in Arizona that are shade sails. They are a fabric that can be stretched to fit the exact size of the shade area you need.

If you have a backyard full of lush trees, consider yourself lucky. That is natural shade that a lot of people do not get. Using trees and bushes is another great way to produce shade in your backyard. The best trees that have a wide top area are Hybrid Poplar and Royal Empress Trees. They can expand within a year and create up to 10 feet of shade each when planted close together. They can both grow in almost any climate and are vast as well.

If you are looking for shade but want the option to have a little sunlight, a Pergola is the option for you. Pergolas are slabs of wood that do let in some light but also create shade. You can build one on your own, or on to your deck, in a few weekends. They are great because you can also add a fabric to the top if you want more shade or trying to protect outdoor furniture from the weather. Pergolas can also be set up for trees or vines to attach to them, creating shade. A very interesting design trend is using pergolas and foliage. It makes for a jungle-like appearance in your backyard.

Lastly, another product that’s great for creating shade is a patio umbrella. They come in all different sizes and can add the perfect amount of shade over your pool area. Not only do patio umbrellas add a shade to your backyard, but they add a touch of style and a luxury look and feel.

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