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If you want to do your bit for the environment but aren’t sure what to do, it’s worth knowing there are loads of places to start. Everything from making sure your heating works efficiently with boiler insurance to turning off lights can help, so don’t panic if you’re not yet ready to make big changes like installing solar panels. Here a few easy ways to go green this summer.

Think before you shop

When doing a weekly shop the amount of plastic bags required can be surprising – so imagine just how many you get through over the course of the year? When you then consider this is happening all over the country and beyond, it’s easy to see why some have concerns about landfill space. So do your bit by picking up some re-usable bags and keeping them either in the boot of your car, or on you if you’re out and about on foot. This could have a real impact in the long-term and – if you’re based in Wales or Northern Ireland (where people are charged for every bag they use) – can help to cut the amount you’ll pay for your carrier bags.

Reusable Shopping Bag

Leave the car at home

Depending on where you live, some journeys just aren’t possible to do without using your vehicle. However, when the weather is as good as it has been recently some trips could just as easily be completed on foot, which might benefit your health as well as your bank balance. Alternatively, why not find out if you can car share at all? You might find some of your work colleagues would be willing to split driving duties. This could help to reduce what both of you spend on petrol and keep your motor’s mileage down.


Stay closer to home  

In the current economic climate, the cost of taking your family overseas can soon add up. Of course, getting them there will typically have an impact on the environment too, particularly if it involves flying. So with those factors in mind, why not think about staying in the UK this year? Britain has lots to offer and if there’s somewhere you’ve always fancied visiting but never have then make this summer the time that you do. If the weather continues to be as good as it has been in recent weeks then you might find there’s no better place to be!

Keep things cool naturally

When the temperatures rise, air conditioning can be of great comfort. But if you want to avoid being handed a hefty bill it’s also worth thinking about the more natural ways to stay cool. Keeping curtains on blinds drawn when you aren’t at the property can certainly help, as can opening up windows and doors when you are. So keep your thermostat low and perhaps consider using the money saved to put towards boiler cover to keep your heating going once temperatures plummet.

Grow your own food

You don’t necessarily need access to huge amounts of space to be able to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Of course, having a big garden or access to an allotment can certainly prove useful but even if you’re restricted to a small yard or balcony you can still get involved. Use pots or window boxes to grow your own herbs, or other things suited to more shallow growing conditions – such as garlic, strawberries, lettuce and spinach.


There are plenty of ways to make the most of summer and following these tips could help you and your family on your way. How else are you planning to help the environment in the coming months?

This article is a guest post from Dan Whiteside, Dan blogs about money saving and DIY topics at DIYNewbie, where he discusses a variety of issues including plumbing repairs and building projects for homeowners.

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