Basic Pond Installation

A beautiful pond can really turn an otherwise ordinary garden into something truly spectacular and can be well worth your time and effort, and may not be as expensive as you think with more discount pond retailers like Swell UK popping up on the market. The biggest tip is simple: Plan first, save time and money later. You need to think about size, cost and filtration for whatever your project is going to look like, and try to speak to an expert if possible. The Basics: How deep, long Read more [...]

The basics of building a pond and the importance of a quality liner

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Building a pond is a rewarding and manageable project, but there are some things you'll need to give careful consideration to. Once you've found the perfect spot to start digging and decided exactly how big your pond will be, it's time to start thinking about the practicalities. Before you pick up a spade, it's wise to fully consider the equipment and decorative touches you'll need to create a pond that's a garden feature to be proud of.  The guys at Swell UK are able to help you with any questions Read more [...]

What is meant by curb appeal?

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Curb appeal is a term used to indicate the initial appeal of a property to prospective buyers.  This can be accomplished by numerous methods such as re-painting, landscaping, and exterior decorations. The condition of your roof is also important. If your house has torn or missing shingles contact Houston Roofing & Construction to get a repair estimate. Homes with high curb appeal command higher prices and take less time to sell. Below is a visual representation of how to add curb appeal to your Read more [...]

How to Replace a Lawn Mower Cord

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Several years ago, ecologists and other scientists began discussing the fact that consumers buy new replacement items instead of fixing something when it breaks. Still, some household goods and equipment are just too expensive to replace every time there's a problem. Take a look at how you can extend the life of your lawnmower by replacing its starter cord and giving your mower a thorough once-over. 1. Remove the Old Cord Image via Flickr by CCCI Make sure you have the proper size screw Read more [...]

Tips for Increasing Backyard Shade

Shade in the hot summer months is a blessing. If you live in the humid states and it is constantly sticky and wet outside, you know that shade makes it just a little bit more bearable. There are ways to take your backyard space and make it more heat-friendly. Otherwise you could have a large space that’s perfect for guests and parties, but becomes easily hot and cloaked in sunlight. Here are some tips for creating more shade in your backyard. Most people have seen the “As Seen on TV” Read more [...]

Your Home’s Curb Appeal: 6 Ways to Enhance It

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Your home is an extension of yourself, and as such, is the perfect canvas through which to express your character and personality. You don’t want to go through life without maintaining your appearance and looking the best you can, so why should your house? Curb appeal catches the eye and draws people in, whether they’re guests or potential buyers. These 6 ideas are surefire ways to boost your curb appeal. Spruce Up Your Mailbox Image via Flickr by John-Morgan Let’s start at the actual Read more [...]