How You Can Extend Your Living Space Outside


Not everyone enjoys being cooped up inside the house. Places that have wide windows and a spectacular view are features that attract buyers because of how it lets the outside make its way inside. For those who put a lot of importance on experiencing the outdoors, a room with a view is not enough. There is a desire to make your living space extend outside and not the other way around. There are practical ways to do this if you live in places with temperamental weather:


Have transition rooms like a mudroom or a sunroom


You may not be able to control the amount of light the sun produces, but you can control how much of it you get. Transition rooms like mud rooms or sunrooms are enclosed spaces, so they are still technically indoors, that have features that take away the wall between your indoor and outdoor area. Examples of those features are skylights, French doors, and tiled floors. These rooms should not be a glorified storage space (though it can be during off seasons), but a place where you can enjoy spring and summer without having to venture outside.


Create a paved area where you can set up seats and tables


If you do not have transition rooms, or you want to do more to use the outside space, look for residential patio paving – one of the frustrations that prevent people from going outside is the dirt. No one likes cleaning up muddy footprints when they do not have to. A paved area is a place you can stay when the weather becomes too damp, and it becomes muddy.

Besides the desire for clean floors, a paved area is essential for those who might not be so steady on their feet, young children, the elderly, and people with disabilities can enjoy the outdoors better if they can go about it safely.


Have activities that are only meant to be done outside


You need to give yourself a reason to go outside beside soaking up the sun. Having activities that happen outdoors like gardening, barbequing, painting, or playing gives purpose to your outdoor space. It helps you break away from making trips based on whim and desire, which often leads to having a neglected sunroom, garage, and garden in the first place. Activities make going out a habit, just like going to the kitchen to cook a meal.


Give your outdoor space as much love as you do your indoor home


Another way you can extend your living space outdoors is by maintaining and decorating it the same you would with any other part of the house. Even if you are not fond of gardening, pulling out weeds and keeping the grass trimmed can help you create a landscape that is not a visual eyesore. The more aesthetically pleasing your yard is, the more you will want to spend time in it. Your sweat equity is worth something!


After all these steps you will have a place that is just as compelling outside as it is inside. Family gatherings, dinner parties, and slow weekends do not have to be so dull.







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