Your Home’s Curb Appeal: 6 Ways to Enhance It

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Your home is an extension of yourself, and as such, is the perfect canvas through which to express your character and personality. You don’t want to go through life without maintaining your appearance and looking the best you can, so why should your house? Curb appeal catches the eye and draws people in, whether they’re guests or potential buyers. These 6 ideas are surefire ways to boost your curb appeal.

Spruce Up Your Mailbox


Image via Flickr by John-Morgan

Let’s start at the actual curb here. Your mailbox is an excellent place to add a flourish to your home’s style. It should be an extension of the colors and themes prevalent in your home’s exterior. Aesthetically speaking, a mailbox should serve the same purpose a ribbon in a girl’s hair would. Planting some flowers or hedges around the mailbox not only makes it more appealing, but also increases its visibility so people are less likely to accidentally hit it while driving through the neighborhood.

Spruce Up Hedges and Flowerbeds


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Trimming hedges and planting flowerbed accents can do for your house what trimming a beard can do for a man. Pull weeds and any other plants that don’t appear to be in the healthiest condition. Remove any loose or worn-out bricks or stones you might have lying around as well. Trim hedges so their façade is neat and uniform. Maintaining the foliage surrounding your home goes a long way when adding to curb appeal. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, you could stop by any gardening department at your local hardware stores and find plants already neatly planted in decorative containers.

Revitalize Your Driveway


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Your home’s driveway is an excellent canvas for adding additional eye candy to your front yard. If you have the time and money, dig up and replace your driveway if you want a to make a bold change. But chances are you could put that money towards something else. Remove any vegetation and repair cracks in the driveway to give it a nice uniform appearance. Adding a border of colored stones, plants, or outdoor lighting are good ideas as well. Even something as simple as power washing your driveway will breathe new life into it. Outdoor power equipment from is a good choice for getting the job done.

Add Some Art


Image via Flickr by alantankenghoe

A well-placed fountain or sculpture can add a touch of class to your home’s curb appeal.  Fountains are great ways to add a visually and acoustically pleasing element to your exterior, plus the presence of water will provide a bit of relief during warm summer months. Fountains could also attract feathered friends, and who wouldn’t want a yard full of happy, chirping songbirds? Wind chimes are another option for your home if you’d like to fill the air with pleasing tones and sounds. Of course, you could always disregard this advice and just fill your yard full of gnomes if you so desire.

Have Some Hospitality


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Not all curb appeal improvements come from simple cosmetic changes. Sometimes people passing by your house will be more attracted to an idea than a physical object. If you can add furniture and lighting to your exterior, you’ll instantly add a space that invites conversation and socializing. People will be drawn to your house because they’ll see that social space and think about the pleasure that comes from talking with friends and family while enjoying the outdoors. The idea of simply hanging out outdoors is what will make your home more appealing.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Coat of Paint

Image via Flickr by basykes

Adding a fresh coat of paint is a tried and true method for bringing a dull house back from the dead. A fresh coat of paint could go a long way towards bringing out a modern, professional look. Regular maintenance will help keep your house looking as good as the day you bought it. Not only will it help your house’s exterior, but maintaining the surface of your walls and roof will help prevent damage from weather and the elements. Paint can also help you gloss over certain defects and broken parts you don’t quite have the time to repair or replace (but make sure no one finds out your secret).

Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see, even if they’re not stopping by for a look inside. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to crafting the most beautiful abode on your block.

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