The Best Places To Look for Home Décor Inspiration

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If you’re about to redesign the interiors in your home, it can be tough to find inspiration. Inspiration is essential so that you can make a plan to work from – rooms without a plan often end up as a mismatch of furniture and colours! You’ve probably already scoured through magazines and got some sort of idea about what you want, but if you need more to go on, then here are 3 great sources of home-style inspiration…




 1 pinintyerest

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If you have an interest in interiors, then Pinterest is the place to be. Just simply enter a search term, or click on to the ‘Home Décor’ category, and you’ll be greeted by pages upon pages of beautiful home inspiration. There are even plenty of DIY ideas if you’re feeling thrifty! Many of the images link to blogs where you can find step-by-step instructions on how to recreate the look, and there are often even video tutorials available!


Home Furnishing Sites


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Home furnishing sites, like NCF Home Furnishings for example; often have to style up photo shoots that include their furniture. So just by browsing a furnishings site you can often get ideas on how to use the latest interior design trends, and you can use the photographs as a great reference for how to style specific pieces of furniture.


Boutique Hotels


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Next time you stay over at a boutique hotel, snap a few photos of their interior design. Most boutique hotels hire professional interior designers to pick out furniture, colour pallets and accessories for their rooms and lobby, so everything has been carefully put together, and could provide some wonderful inspiration for your own home, especially if you’re looking for a more minimal and relaxing look, as hotels are often determined to give you a peaceful nights sleep – did you know the colours in your hotel room may have been chosen as they’re psychologically associated with sleep? It’s true! You can even head over to boutique hotel websites like and brose their gallery for inspiration!

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