Refurnishing and Updating an Old Home

Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve moved into an old home or have been living in one for years. If you are willing to give it a face lift by refurnishing and upgrading it, you are reading the right information. But be sure to use a reputable company like Bergen County roofing for any of your larger projects that you may not be able to handle on your own. 

Often, people assume that it will cost them a fortune if they are going to remodel their house when in fact they can do this by following simple steps from being old to ultra-chic. Here is a list of things you can do to make your house look new without employing the help of an expert.

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Repaint Walls

If the walls of the old house are painted with plain white or other neutral colors, they need to have a fresh coat of paint. This is the easiest way to boost the look of your house’s walls. Try other fresh colors such as yellow, purple, blue and green or other trendy colors that you prefer. Doorway trims and baseboards could be given accents too that will complement the color of your walls.

Try Out Other Window Treatments

New drapes or blinds can give highlights to your home’s interior. The best thing about this is that there are wide varieties of window treatments that you can choose from and with different price range appropriate for your budgets. If you can make your own drapes, it is better because you can customize this all you want. You could also buy roller shades or blinds in place if you don’t want to create drapes. You can make a quick research online so you can find what you like. You could also find some decorating ideas that will spark inspiration as you move along.

Change the Upholstery of Your Furniture

When you are ready for a new look, you don’t have to throw out your old furniture because all you have to do is change the upholstery of your furniture. You can employ the assistance of a professional but there are actually websites like DIY Network, HGTV and YouTube that can give you simple instructions on how to refurnish your furniture.


Buy New Fixtures

You can change door handles and doorknobs by buying new ones. New fixtures could help bring out pops of colors and accents to your home’s interiors. There are various kinds of fixtures that you can choose from in many home improvement stores whether locally or online. You can immediately change the look of how your dressers, cabinets and doors look like with this simple tweak.

Update Your Home’s Accessories

Home remodeling can be as simple as buying new accessories for your home especially when you are on a tight budget. New rugs for your bathroom and kitchen could mean a big difference when it comes to its looks. You could also buy new decorative pillows for the sofa and bedding in hues that will complement the wall from retailers like Frette. Some indoor plants would do this trick too like Spider plant or English ivy that you can place on your table. Scented candles like sandalwood and jasmine would also change the atmosphere of your home in a matter of a few moments. In the same manner, you can buy frames for blown up photos or prints. These simple tweaks can make your home look like being remodeled.

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