Interior Design Disasters

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Our homes should be the ideal environment for us; they should fulfill the purposes that we need them to serve, offer places for rest and relaxation, as well as provide the opportunity to feel completely comfortable and secure in our own environment. Furnishing homes can be the best way to create the best atmosphere for our individual needs – adding elements of style, functionality and comfort help to secure the structure of a house and ensure that it truly serves the people who live within it.


Our design choices depend mainly on personal style preferences and the way we want the environments we live in to look. And although individual taste is the principle of interior design, there are some design disasters that are repeated on a regular basis and that can have a serious impact on the end look of a space as a result:


Over Furnishing

It is a common mistake to overwhelm a room with furniture items, whether they are too large in size or there are simply to many individual items that make a room over crowded and vacant of any real style. Rooms need to be practical and functional, so you won’t achieve this if you over furnish your room with too many random pieces of furniture.


Combining Too Many Styles

When you have chosen a theme, even if you are relaxed about the style, there are certain pieces of furniture that may not correlate with other items in your room – no matter how much you like them. By combining too many styles, you could run the risk of your room appearing mismatched and uncoordinated.


many styles




This is a cardinal sin when it comes to interior design; clutter removes the style intentions and makes a room look busy and significantly smaller than it really is. There are enough fashionable storage items available on the market these days that mean clutter is unnecessary and unacceptable.


 lack of light



Lack of Lighting

Lighting not only serves a practical purpose, it is also the perfect accompaniment to design and style. Lighting can help to evoke a particular mood and create an atmosphere, whilst lampshade and lighting accessories secure the design elements incorporated within a room.


Mismatched Colour Schemes

Current interior design trends call for vibrancy and bold statements, but despite this, it’s important that the colour of walls, soft furnishings and furniture placed within a room must correlate and match in harmony together to ensure a room is not over done and looks mismatched.

miss match


Over Spending

We all want our homes to look their very best and it is often easy to spend a great deal of money on items that are beautiful. But quite often, once an item is incorporated into a room, the way it looks may not reflect their true cost – and in fact, just because something is a reasonable price does not mean you have to sacrifice style.



Interior design requires a certain amount of personal creativity; it is fine to rely on other sources of inspiration for design features, but you need to consider the space you are working with and the way the design will fit into the house and rooms that you have. Often adding your own ideas will improve a design theme and will make it personal to you and your home.


Ignoring the Light Sources

Natural light is the perfect way to brighten a room and give it a different feel during the day. Windows create the perfect opportunity to create another feature within a room – they can help to solidify an intended theme or create a natural focus within a space.


No Focal Point

Every room needs one feature that dominates the room, whether it is a feature wall, a spectacular piece of furniture, or a window display as mentioned above. No focal point means that the eye isn’t drawn into anything particular in the room and the space you create can often appear bland – even if it does have a strong design theme.


Too Much Structure

Recent interior design statements call for more of an open space approach to living, so having an overly structured room works completely against this. Too much structure can cause a space to feel too formal, which ultimately works against the relaxed approach that every home needs and should have.

too much structure

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