Basic Pond Installation


A beautiful pond can really turn an otherwise ordinary garden into something truly spectacular and can be well worth your time and effort, and may not be as expensive as you think with more discount pond retailers like Swell UK popping up on the market.

The biggest tip is simple: Plan first, save time and money later.

You need to think about size, cost and filtration for whatever your project is going to look like, and try to speak to an expert if possible.

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The Basics:

How deep, long and wide your pond will be simply depends on your own personal preferences and the restriction of available space. Ideally, most people want a pond that is a complimentary feature in their garden, not something that dominates the landscape, nor one that is so small that it is hardly worth the effort. Use your judgement and work out what is best for you and the other people that use your garden.

Once you have measured out your ideal pond size, you need to calculate how much pond liner you need. Hopefully, with careful installation, buying and installing your pond liner need only be done once, and you can get good deals on the right sizes online at places like Swell UK.

Don’t forget, the liner needs to cover the bottom and sides of your pond, with roughly a 30-50 cm lip around the edge to account for inconsistencies in the shape of your pond. You may want to consider getting a matching pond liner underlay to provide a little protection for your liner too, especially in rough or stony ground, however some pond keepers have made good use of old carpets in this task if you want to keep cost to a minimum.

Once your underlay and liner has been bought, the hole dug and the liner secured, the basics of your pond are in place, and if you aren’t including a bottom drain, you can begin to fill it with water, slowly, while checking for leaks as you go.

You now have a pond – nice! The steps after this include providing adequate filtration for the life in your pond, using a pump and filter to keep the water clean enough for the amount of fish you need, but once again, this is best to research before you dig the whole in the first place, as costs can vary.



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