Top Do-It-Yourself home repair ideas

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home repair ideasThe absolute idea of owning a home may send a silver of excitement right to your toes as you meticulously plan every single detail concerning the interiors of the home, the colours for the walls among other things. However, while you look at yourself in your mind’s eye relaxing and enjoying your new home with your family, you must not ignore the part where things might not be as peachy as you would like them to be. It goes without saying that a new home comes with its own set of responsibilities. For instance, there is a possibility that a certain area of your home may require a paint job or you may have to take some steps to stop the faucet from leaking. While this can leave you red in the face, you must realize that you need not hire professionals for certain repair works and these can be handled easily by you. Keeping tabs on the repairs ensures that your home looks good as new. These Do-It-Yourself home repair ideas should ideally come to your rescue, should you face a problem.

1.)   The painting work:

This may seem easy as a pie, but you need to realize that one wrong step can lead to a painting can be considered as one of the most important repairs that you may have to look after. You must also consider doing this job well as a neatly painted home instantly takes the sale value of the home notches higher. Besides, it makes your home look tasteful and classy. However, preparing your paints is extremely crucial. You must ensure that the paint looks even throughout the surface on which it has been painted. Blotchy and uneven painted walls are unacceptable.

To ensure that you do your job well, decide on the surface that you wish to paint. Once you have narrowed that down, take off everything that forms part of this surface like photo frames, curtain rods and the likes. Any fixtures that have been fitted onto the surface need to be safely taken off. You must ensure that the surface is smooth and contains no obstacles for the painting the entire surface smoothly.  Once the coast is clear, you must use a damp cloth and run it all over the surface to get rid of any kind of dirt that might get in the way.

Inspect the surface for rough areas that can be smoothed using sandpaper. Besides, fill in nail holes that are not required to ensure a clean paint job. Before you get into the actual painting work it is important that you use primer to smooth out the surface on which sandpaper was used. Once you have taken care of this, you can begin with the painting work.

2.)   Working with caulk:

Caulk is not only used as glue for securing things in place, but when used with bathtubs or toilets, this can also guard against moisture, thus keeping them safe in the long run. If the caulk application is too old, you may have to apply a fresh coat but you also need to get the old coat off first. A putty knife works like a charm to get the residue out. Using paint thinner before applying the fresh new coat is a must.

3.)   The clogging toilet:

Almost every home owner is faced by this problem at least once. Try to figure out if the object inside the toilet is of importance or not. If it is, you must consider wearing gloves and seek the object at once. However, if you do not need the particular object, you can fill a bucket with some water and throw it into the toilet bowl with extra pressure that will cause the object to find its way into the sewage, thus unclogging your toilet.

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