Modern Bath Mats for Bath Décor


The bathroom can make or break the potential sale of a home – an outdated or mundane bathroom can dramatically reduce the overall appeal of your home whether you plan on selling it or not. Even if the porcelain fixtures such as the tub, toilet or sink are older, they can still look well cared for so that alone is not an excuse for letting things go. The simple addition of a new bath rug or mat coupled with a modern shower curtain or window treatments can go a long way towards making any bathroom more attractive and it only takes a few minutes to transform the overall look of a room ($14.99 – $59.99, ):


MicroDry® Ultimate Luxury Memory Foam Bath Mat Collection

What about vanity?

Perhaps your vanity looks a bit dated – it can be modernized in minutes simply by replacing the drawer pulls or cabinet hardware. A modern motion-activated or touchless faucet is another way to update a bathroom without investing in a total renovation. Change the shape of the room and add extra elbow room in the bath or shower by replacing a conventional shower curtain rod with a curved shower curtain rod; it will slip right in to the existing wall brackets.

The addition of a handheld showerhead can add a spa-like element to any bath; most models can be installed without the assistance of a plumber. Use the handheld showerhead to shampoo hair or bathe while seated; wash pets, bath children, water plants or even clean the tub and shower enclosure with this handy device. Because a handheld showerhead lets you direct the water spray precisely where you want it, it is very useful when dealing with an injury or for a targeted water massage.

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