Five Event Staff Every Housewarming Party Needs

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Hosting a housewarming party can make you feel like you wish you had multiple clones of yourself to attend to the numerous tasks at hand.  Fortunately, cloning yourself is not required when you can hire event staff who will lend a helping hand and ensure that your party goes off without a hitch.

Here are five kinds of event staff you need to make your housewarming a big success:

1)    Hosts/hostesses

When you greet guests there are two options: either you go back and forth from entertaining to answering the door or you can wait at the entrance for forthcoming guests and neglect those who have already arrived.  Neither is ideal, so hiring a host or hostess who will welcome your guests at the door and direct them to the designated area will ensure no-one is left standing around like a lemon.

2)    Cloakroom staff

As the host of the party, you wouldn’t want to be snowballed under your guests’ coats when they arrive. Instead, allow cloakroom staff to receive and hang the coats, leaving you with a free pair of hands to grab a nibble and a drink.

3)    Chefs

A chef can add that special culinary twist to your dinner party that you may still be improving on or lacking in.  And let’s face it, cooking for a myriad of people is a headache you could do without!

4)    Waiting staff

Unless you are trained in the art of balancing plates on your arms and able to serve your guests simultaneously before the food goes cold, then hiring waiting staff is an option you ought to explore. It will also bring a wonderful dining experience to your event as waiting staff will attend to your guests’ every need at dinner.

5)    Bar staff

Without a barman, chances are you will be spending more time serving drinks behind the bar than in front of it with your guests.  Bar staff will keep the drinks flowing and prepare the perfect Tom Collins that you could never quite get right.

6)    Yourself

The final person every party needs is you, the host of the party.  So put on your best clothes, wear a big smile and entertain the night away.

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