Four Reasons to Choose Blackout Curtains for Your Home

Blackout curtains and window treatments are perfect for controlling the level of air, heat, light that enters your house. They are also fabulous and ideal for adding elegance and style to any room. Match them to your furniture or an accent wall in your room for an elegant undertone. Printed blackout curtains too add a fantastic feel to a room. Here are some reasons to choose blackout curtains for your home.

  1. 1.      They are remarkable in blocking out light

When you use blackout curtains in your home, they block the outside light from coming into your home and vice versa. These types of curtains are especially useful for people who work shifts and have to sleep during the daytime. Most blackout curtains claim to block up to 99% of light. This means that people sleeping during the day won’t even know that the sun is shining outside as it simulates night-time environments.

Blackout curtains can a home theatre system as it makes your room dark enough to simulate a movie theater experience. These curtains are also very popular with people that live in northern cities, where the sun is shining bright for up to 20 hours in a day.

  1. 2.      Sound levels are reduced as well

Blackout curtains are said to reduce ambient sound from entering in through the windows by up to 40%. This is another bit of good news for shift workers who need their rest during the day. If they are disturbed with everyday sounds such as kids playing, traffic going by, your neighbor’s lawnmower, etc., it could lead to serious health concerns in the future. With blackout curtains, you can enjoy a sound sleep without being disturbed by any ambient noises.

  1. 3.      You can save quite a bit on energy costs

When you use blackout curtains in your home, you will find that your energy bills are substantially decreasing. This is because in winter, blackout curtains trap heat within the room, leaving your room warm and toasty. This means that you don’t have to turn the heat up. And in the summers, blackout curtains reflect heat and light out of the room, keeping it airy and cool.

This natural insulation helps you save on energy costs. It is said that some people have reported a 25% cut on greenhouse gases and electricity bills. There is nothing wrong with saving money in a recession either and when the job environment is not exactly lighting up anyone’s database. This means more money for other things such as savings, going out to eat, gas money, and so forth.

  1. You can make your home look stylish and grand

Just because blackout curtains are thick and heavy, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be stylish and in fashion. There are many different prints, fabrics, and colors available that you can choose from which is outstanding and fantastic to add a touch of style to any home.

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Shipping Containers For Sale-Effective Way To Store And Secure Large Equipment

If you want to add some extra storage space for your large equipment or just about any kind of machinery or item you consider worth storing, you should be looking for shipping containers for sale. They provide the lowest cost storage for the long or short term compared to warehouse storage that will always cost you more. In fact, with a shipping container in your yard or business premises, you will be monitoring the safety and handling of your valuable items while you can also use the space provided by various container handling companies offering storage spaces through containers and leveled grounds for keeping these shipping containers.

Storage or shipping containers are found in so many ways and ideal in the storage of just about anything under the sun. They are mostly constructed through aluminium or steel and also able to carry lots of heavy items amidst being stackable. Shipping containers are also designed tough and sturdy and able to resist the harshest surroundings, whether it is freezing or hot temperatures, excessive snow or rain and fiery winds. As a result of their high strength, these containers are highly used in securing storage.

Shipping containers generally come in standard measurements that in turn make them modular applicable to allow stacking in huge structures. It is something that simplifies the planning and design while minimizing the consumption of space.

Rather than keep packing all additional stock and move it to a different location to be repacked and unloaded into another facility, shipping containers offer the needed storage placed in your own yard or their current site. They can then be loaded once, either to be locked or accessible for storage on site. You also have an enviable option of moving the loaded storage container into another different location so that it can be stored while it is also possible to ship it in another region for storage.

Many containers for sale are new but you can also find containers to rent or buy at an affordable amount compared to storage spaces built via brick and mortar, such as a warehouse that require lots of complex and expensive foundations. Shipping container construction entails little work or handling. They only need a simple modification with used containers also available for sale for commercial, personal and retail uses. The same storage containers are beneficial if you intend to rent them for a long or short term.

All these shipping containers are recognized by various titles, such as cargo containers, mini mobile units of storage, portable containers for storage, C-cans, Sea containers or Sea cans. If you have a construction company, it is rather you stored your building materials, stock and tools on site using a sturdy portable container compared to constructing an immovable construction or building costly to create, easy to penetrate and expensive to maintain. The shipping container storage is cost effective in contrast to shipping these supplies and tools to and fro daily or over a specific duration of time between projects.

Essentially, do not forget the primary importance of shipping containers is shipping huge stock quantities cost effectively and securely.

Author Bio

Steve Chamley trades products from South America like footwear and bags. He supplies them unbranded to different shops in Australia and New Zealand.


Door Locks Explained: Unlocking the Types

door locks 300x300 Door Locks Explained: Unlocking the TypesChoosing a new door lock can seem a confusing business as there are so many available on the market. Fortunately, it is not often that you have to make a decision, as most homes come complete with the full quota of locks. However, there may be circumstances when new locks have to be purchased and fitted: when renovating a home, having a home extension built and upgrading security, for instance. The locks described below are the major types used, amongst the dozens on offer.

What Door Lock Should I Get?

Privacy Locksets

These are not designed for external use. They are used mainly on places where there is a need for privacy, such as a bathroom, toilet, bedroom or office. If you have a room like this and think that a simple lock would be a useful addition, they are relatively easy to install.

These locks only work on one side – the handle on the outside doesn’t have a lock fitted and just has a small hole in its centre where the lock can be undone in an emergency with a small length of wire.

Spring Operated Locks

These are another type of simple lock which is best used on the inside of a house, like on a bedroom door. They are quite common in some hotels, too. One of the advantages of these locks is their ease of use. The lock mechanism is located inside the handle or doorknob. On the outside, there is a space for a key, while on the inside there is a spring operated button. All you have to do is to press the button on the inside to lock the door, while unlocking it is even easier – all it needs is to turn the door handle.

While these locks are simple to operate, their main disadvantage is that it is also easy to pick them. This puts them into a category of low level security.

upvc door locks are described as multi point locks. They have multiple locking points along the door.

Dead Bolts

Dead bolts are a good choice for installing on any door that leads to the outside or where that bit of extra security is needed. They basically work on the principle of a heavily built piece of metal or bar that slides into a recess in the doorframe. Because of the bar’s position and the type of lock mechanism, they are much more difficult to pick or to break into than many other types of locks. There are several types of dead bolts, which provide for a range of budgets and levels of security needed.

The cheaper types of dead bolts have a key hole on the outside and a latch on the inside. More expensive locks have a key hole fitting on both sides of the door, so you can actually use the key on the inside as well as the outside. The difference lies in the number of cylinders in the internal fitting. Latch operated locks have a single cylinder, while key operated locks have two cylinders.

The two main designs of dead bolts are mortise locks and tubular / cylindrical locks.

Mortise locks are used on wooden doors in particular as they have a large plate on each side of the door which provides greater strength for the lock mechanism. They are very commonly used for external doors.

Tubular or cylindrical locks have a small cylinder with the key and lock mechanism incorporated, fitted into the door. They take up much less space than the mortise lock and are easier and cheaper to install.

Surface Mounted Locks

These are a good alternative to dead bolts, especially if it is hard to make holes in the door or door frame. They use an external housing on the inside of the door. A key operates the lock on the inside which pushes a bar into or out of an enclosure mounted on the door frame. They are also useful as a second, back up lock that already has another type of lock fitted.

Garima Mehta is a professional blogger based in Worthing, UK and loves to write on various topics.





Add Value to Your Property Using Bifold Door

bio fold doors 300x300 Add Value to Your Property Using Bifold DoorBifold doors have become popular source for residential use. Many homes use these doors to enrich the quality look of their home. A bifold door has become a symbol of pride, style and elegance. As is very feasible and reasonably priced most of the home owners are switching to this doors. Having a spacious home with attractive interiors is the dream of every individual. It takes few considerations to make this dream come true. There are few practical approaches one must consider to have a bifold doors for interiors.

Types of bifold doors- the major concern starts from right this point. There are plenty of styles and materials available in the market, considering the quality style will help to have long-lasting problem free spacious homes. Bifold doors comes in three types, wood bifold doors, UPVC bifold doors and aluminum bifold doors. Wood and aluminum are the most common type of doors, but UPVC is a new approach for better functionality and performance in bifold doors.

Few considerations- when it comes to doors and windows, there are few common problems that persist with changing weather conditions. Like in winter most of the doors face expanding and cupping problems, in summers cracked develop on the wood surface of the doors. While a bifold door can alter most of these problems. These doors are comparatively cheap and come in various styles like glass doors. Using a high quality material can help you overcome these issues.

Standard quality- when considering bifold door for homes and offices, check whether the material that you pick is of standard quality or not. There are many companies who offer both cheap quality bifold floors and high quality bifold floors; it depends on the individual how he picks one for him. Low standard material may give a temporary look but in long run it will create many problems.

Security- the most effective part of bifold doors are they provide a great deal of security to your property. The aluminum glass doors and the UPVC glass doors or wood doors are high storing and durable. They have a thick layer which will make the breaking of glass difficult. The security of the home also depends on the type if material used. The stronger the material the more secure is you.

There are many elements which must be kept in mind while going for a good bifold doors. Even though there are many authorized companies who provide bifold doors, rely on a company which is been established successfully and have death with many potential clients. On the other hand check if any company is providing extended guar entree, the ore the guarantee is the easy it becomes for you to trust the company. Never prefer a company which provides services for very less price, as the point of their quality product and services are always an unanswerable question. Bifold door must be installed with a good company to have a long lasting life with very few repairs and damages.

In order to enable the elegance of the bi-folded door to last long it needs a little bit of maintenance. The advantage of its up-keeping lies in the fact that there is no need to be an expert in maintaining theses doors. One of the good maintenance practices is to clean it every time when you clean your room where the folded doors are installed.

You can use a proper agent for wipe clean the surface of the bi-fold doors. The dusts from the crevices or from in between the louvers are to be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner.

The top and bottom tracks which are provided for the smooth movement of the doors are to be inspected while opening or closing the doors. In case any dents or obstructions are found these are to be immediately fixed otherwise it may jeopardize the smoothness while sliding the doors.

If there appears cracks or peeling on the surface of your doors go for refinishing of the surface of the doors to get back the new look.

In case of metal doors look for whether there is any rust. The rust can be wiped away by iron brushes or sand papers. Before repainting the door surface do not forget to cover the rust area with rust inhibitor chemicals.

If you select UPVC b-fold doors you will require least maintenance though you may have to sacrifice the strength of the doors. The hardwood and softwood doors require the most maintenance but these doors render a feeling of warmth.


Unique Tile Flooring Pattern Ideas

You visited your local Flooring America and fell in love with the timeless beauty of tile flooring. After you’ve selected the perfect tiles for your new home project, it’s time to think about how you would like it laid out. Did you know that with tile flooring you can create unique patterns that are sure to become the focal point of your room?  Here are few helpful pattern suggestions for you to consider when laying down tile flooring, or having a professional installer lay it down: Continue reading


Six Infestations You’ll Need More than a Shoe to Crush

You’ve probably developed strategies for getting unwanted guests out of your home — talk about something boring, yawn really loudly, or insist on a creepy group hug. You may have some unwanted guests that you don’t know about, and those are the ones that take more effort to get rid of. Watch for signs that the following pests have taken up residence in your home.


cockroach Six Infestations Youll Need More than a Shoe to Crush

Image via Flickr by Steve Smith

Cockroaches have a distinctive appearance, so a sighting makes it obvious that you have a problem. However, cockroaches are nocturnal and don’t usually show up during the day, so look for other signs of their presence. Watch out for egg cases, which are small, dark brown, and oval-shaped. Their feces and regurgitated food are little dark sparks that resemble ground pepper. Another one of the signs of a cockroach infestation is the smell. It’s strong and oily. The stronger the smell, the more cockroaches you have to deal with.


Your furry friends will love you even more if you stay alert to the signs of a flea infestation and tackle the issue immediately. If you notice that your pets are scratching themselves more than usual, pick through their fur and look for dark little insects that are about 2.5 mm. Also keep an eye out for red and black droppings. Your pets aren’t the only place where you might have an issue. Eggs, larvae, and pupae might be somewhere in your home or garden.

Bed Bugs

bedbugs Six Infestations Youll Need More than a Shoe to Crush

Image via Flickr by UGA College of Ag

A lot of children think that these nasty buggers are just part of a fun saying that goes along with bedtime. If only that were the case. The first sign of a bed bug infestation that you’re likely to notice is the itching bites. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the bed bugs are in your home, however. A further pest inspection is in order.

Learn what bed bugs look like. The adults are reddish-brown, without wings, and about the size of an apple seed. Keep in mind, however, that they can look different depending on their stage of life and how long it’s been since their last meal. The first link in the previous paragraph has pictures.

Bed bugs must shed their exoskeletons in order to grow, so look for the ones they’ve discarded. The shed skins are usually translucent and the shape resembles, well, bed bugs. Look along mattress seams and baseboards as well as in ceiling and wall junctions. If you have an infestation, you’ll also see dark fecal spots.


You work hard to keep your home comfortable and in good condition, and the last thing you want is termites wreaking havoc on the wood. Some signs of a termite infestation as listed at are:

  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped. Termites thrive in dark and humid conditions, so you won’t usually see them on the surface.
  • Swarms of winged insects or discarded wings.
  • Cracked or distorted paint on the surface of wood. This gives the buggers an opening, so seal cracks as soon as possible.
  • Mud tubes on exterior walls. Termites build them to provide moisture while they search for food.
  • Frass. This term refers to termite droppings, which are the same color as wood.


Yes, mice are one pest that you definitely don’t want to crush with a shoe. Imagine the mess! These industrious rodents usually chew their way through obstacles to get to their food. Look for strange holes and teeth marks on the bottom of your pet food bags. You might see crumbs and other debris around the area. Mice droppings are small oblong pellets.

Don’t just use your eyes. The sound that these creatures make are usually among the signs that you have a problem with mice. If you hear scratching or other odd noises from inside your walls or ceiling, take note of the specific area so you know where to start your hunt.


Unfortunately, silverfish aren’t tasty lake-dwelling temptations. Experts describe them as “teardrop-shaped insects that measure up to 12-19 mm in length. Three long bristles on rear. Grow from egg to adult without visible change in appearance.” They like dark, damp areas and move quickly, so an infestation might be difficult to detect at first. Look for feeding damage on clothes and paper, since they feed on sugars and starches. Silverfish feces is tiny and looks like pepper.

Is your skin crawling yet? Hopefully you don’t have any cause for alarm, and it will stay that way if you notice signs of infestation early on so you can prevent a small problem from becoming a full-blown nightmare.




Author Bio:

Joy Nelson is a professional freelance writer in the Seattle, WA area. She wants her home to stay comfy and pest-free.


Modern Bath Mats for Bath Décor

The bathroom can make or break the potential sale of a home – an outdated or mundane bathroom can dramatically reduce the overall appeal of your home whether you plan on selling it or not. Even if the porcelain fixtures such as the tub, toilet or sink are older, they can still look well cared for so that alone is not an excuse for letting things go. The simple addition of a new bath rug or mat coupled with a modern shower curtain or window treatments can go a long way towards making any bathroom more attractive and it only takes a few minutes to transform the overall look of a room ($14.99 – $59.99, ):

bath mat collection Modern Bath Mats for Bath Décor

MicroDry® Ultimate Luxury Memory Foam Bath Mat Collection

What about vanity?

Perhaps your vanity looks a bit dated – it can be modernized in minutes simply by replacing the drawer pulls or cabinet hardware. A modern motion-activated or touchless faucet is another way to update a bathroom without investing in a total renovation. Change the shape of the room and add extra elbow room in the bath or shower by replacing a conventional shower curtain rod with a curved shower curtain rod; it will slip right in to the existing wall brackets. Continue reading


Five Essential Sensors for Your Home

When most people think of installing sensors in their home, the ultimate aim is usually to secure their property from the presence of intruders. While home protection is the most common reason for having a sensor alarm, there are other health and safety concerns which can be alleviated with sensors.

Carbon Monoxide Sensors
As stated by the NHS, the gas carbon monoxide has no smell or taste. It is highly poisonous and is often known as the silent killer. When placed near to gas appliances throughout the home, carbon monoxide sensors will sound an alarm when they sense the presence of the poisonous gas. Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors can now be bought fairly inexpensively from most DIY or home stores.
sensor for home 300x183 Five Essential Sensors for Your Home

Fire and Smoke Sensors
Smoke alarms are now one of the most commonly installed sensors in the home but surprisingly are often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. Smoke detectors are probably the most efficient method of detecting fires but also have a high incidence of false alarms, particularly when they pick up smoke or steam created by cooking.

Heat sensors are an alternative to smoke alarms which pick up on the presence of heat rather than smoke. This means false alarms are less likely to occur but the speed with which these sensors detect fires may be a little slower than the smoke alternative.

Door and Window Sensors
When it comes to home protection, the most common type of alarms are those fitted to doors and windows. The magnetic or infrared sensors on door alarms are usually triggered when the connection between the sensor on the door and the one on the doorjamb is separated. Similarly, a window sensor will be set off when the connection between the window sash and the frame is disturbed.

Motion Detection Sensors
This type of alarm sensor is now almost as popular as standard door and window alarms. Also known as a pir sensor  PIR standing for Passive Infrared Sensor – motion detectors do exactly as the name implies. Usually fitted to the corner of rooms throughout the home, PIR sensors work by picking up on infrared heat that differs from the standard objects in the room. This usually means the presence of an unauthorized person in the property but can equally indicate the presence of the family pet! To this end, pet friendly PIR sensors can now be purchased so your little friends do not continually set off your alarms.

PIR Light Sensors
Working in exactly the same way as the indoor sensors mentioned above, PIR light sensors are an excellent way of securing the exterior of your property. When any movement is detected within the field range of the sensor, the lights will automatically come on and illuminate the area.

Whether for security or health and safety, fitting the appropriate sensors inside and outside your home helps to give you peace of mind and a sense of extra protection…


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Tips to Choosing the Best Agent for Real Estate Buyers

There are some tips offered for real estate buyers when seeking the best agent to serve their needs. Serious buyers are encouraged to avoid the mistake that often accompanies seeing a perspective and calling the agent listed; this agent is working for the seller in keeping their interests in the forefront of their mind. Since their goal is to secure the best deal possible for the seller, their client, buyers would do well to enlist the services of their own agent, to serve as a mediator and go-between to negotiate the best price possible. Continue reading